Swift Current dentists accepting new and emergency patients. Our dental clinic offers general and emergency dental services, orthodontics, dental surgery, dental implants, teeth whitening, dental anxiety management, sports dentistry. Serving Swift Current, Gull Lake, Herbert, Shaunavon, Maple Creek, Kyle, and Southwest Saskatchewan. Dr. Derek Thiessen and Dr. Steve Veason.
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Our mission is always to provide you dental care in a safe and comfortable environment. We are currently accepting patients for all dental services. Please call us, or book online to schedule your next appointment.

We will be scheduling fewer appointments than normal, and have fewer staff in the office at the same time to enhance physical distancing measures.

We are taking the following precautions to ensure your visit is a safe one.


Our staff:
• Check their temperature daily to ensure they do not have a fever
• Are screened daily for COVID-19 symptoms
• Are required to perform a 14-day quarantine for showing any signs of fever, cough, and trouble breathing
• All of our staff members have upgraded their protective gear. This includes appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for all appointments


For every patient, we:
• Perform a risk assessment, in advance of the appointment and upon arrival at the clinic, to ensure they are feeling well. Patients who are under the weather are rescheduled
• Check their temperature upon arrival to ensure they do not have a fever
• Provide hand sanitizer and masks
• Provide an anti-viral/anti-bacterial mouth rinse for all patients before any treatment
• Observe meticulous hand hygiene practices before putting on gloves and after taking them off
• Wear appropriate personal protective equipment during the appointment and all interactions with patients


Between patient visits, we:
• Clean, disinfect, and sterilize all instruments
• Wipe all operatory surfaces with disinfectant, including:
          Patient chairs and bases
          Tray table and arm
          Countertops and items on countertops
          Light handles, tubing, motors and all other objects and touch surfaces


In our operatories/patient rooms we:
• Have installed protective barriers to ensure patient aerosols remain within enclosed areas
• Allow for mandated time in between patients to ensure all COVID-19 aerosols have been neutralized
• Our Surgically Clean Air™ HEPA air filtration systems ensure air quality is sanitary for aerosol producing procedures
• Continue to keep track of all current guidelines to ensure patient rooms are in compliance with safety protocols


In the reception/waiting area, we:
• Disinfect all counters
• Wipe all door handles, touch surfaces, water dispensers, and pens with disinfectant for every patient
• Have hand sanitizer available
• Have installed protective barriers to ensure no aerosols are passed between individuals
• We have professional janitorial services clean our washrooms and touch surfaces daily


At least daily, we:
• Clean floors (vacuum/dry mop and wet mop)
• Clean and disinfect high touch wall features more than once daily (light switches, thermostat, door handles, ledges, etc.)
• Clean reception area more than once daily (including reception counter, desk, chairs, and cabinetry)
• Clean and disinfect all bathrooms after each use.
• Clean the staff room